General Rules

General rules:

For each session, there are 26 slots.

Games will be cancelled if there are less than 16 players signed up.

Decision is made usually 24-36 hours before the game and then the roster or cancellation is sent out.

If you are signed up at that time, you are on the roster.

This means that you are expected to come and unless there is a good reason (“something came up” is not a good reason).

If you cannot make it, I expect you to pay when you next see us.

If you are not on the roster, you can also show up at the rink to play on a first come first served basis.

However, we will only allow this until we are 10 players per side.

If you are willing to help organize (i.e. run some sessions), please send me an email.

It is not very difficult or time consuming.

And you get executive privileges: skating free of charge and extra space in the locker room.

Usually we don’t have any referees.

But if anyone is up for it, please send me an email: anyone willing to ref is most welcome.