Shinny signup procedures

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    • Rejean Vienneau

      Hi Lee,

      Welcome to the club! Qshinny and league hockey are 2 separate groups but we work hand in hand. You must also sign up separately to to play regular league.

      Every pre-season and during the holidays, the league will give us their ice time and we run shinny. If the demand is high, we also organise extra shinny games on other available ice times. League play is paid once a year for the whole season and shinny is per per use (free shinny for goalies).



      • Lee Braverman

        Thank you/Merci! I have registered here and at the league site this morning. Are there an abundance of goalies around? Do goalies sign up for the shinny games (first come first serve) or they are assigned? What is the possibility of playing on Friday?

        Good thing I checked – it looks like the league starts up in a few days.

        • Rejean Vienneau

          This time the goalies for shinny are managed by Thomas. He will get your details and hopefully squeeze you in for next game. I will send him your contact info. We have a good amount of goalies this season but it never seems that we have enough some times.

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